Sandi’s Country Fried News:Tell that special someone you care about them now

By Sandi Gandre

Will and I feel for you Stewart and your new venture of doing The Cannon under your own abilities without that support column Davy Mundy standing at your elbow. We just got through fighting with Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud and some other issues and by the time you get one resolved another pops up. We will be praying for you.
Otherwise, it was a beautiful weekend and is still a beautiful day. The crows are having a grand time cawing and crowing. Sweet Pea is stretched out in the sun taking a sun bath. We are supposed to get rain this weekend and that is nice because the grass will grow to feed all these new spring calves that are being born. Little Eva has learned that Mama cow does not take a liking to a dog barking at her baby calf. Little Eva’s short little legs had to get a move on it.
Little Ridge Martin is having an up and down run at things. His platelets got too low so they had to give him some blood, and yet he had too much fluid at the same time, and then his blood pressure got too high. So the doctors and nurses were doing all kinds of things with meds to try to get this leveled out. Now you know that has got to make a grown person feel bad must less a little baby. They finally got that settled down.  However, the great news is that his new cells are growing at a good rate and let us all pray that they keep this up. If they do, then he might be able to come home in a couple of weeks. I think the Mama and the Papa need some prayers too.
We have all heard that saying that if you want to tell someone that you care about them then you had better do it now because they may not be here tomorrow. Well that is what happened to our friend and neighbor over near Monthalia United Methodist Church. Gail Malatek passed away Saturday night supposedly from a massive heart attack. Gail and I used to do garage sales and crafts together when we were younger and had the time and energy. It was fun and sometimes we made a little bit of money. It was nice to go buy a bucket of fried chicken with the trimmings and sit down and eat it together. Lots of others have memories of when they went to the Cost school with Gail. She was just about a few weeks older than my husband Will. They did all kinds of neat things at the Cost School with Mrs. Dorothy Muenzler as their teacher. She will be missed by a lot of people, but most of all her children and grandchildren. I cannot remember Gail without having a child around her. She would just kind of pat their back and they would be okay. Blessings Gail and may you rest in peace.
We have so many birthdays that we may run out of space. Joe Kotwig had a special treat when grandson Jake Hobbs and family got to make a quick trip and come home to visit him as well as the rest of the family. Oh there is a precious picture of Pappy and Jake on Facebook. They look a lot alike in some ways and you can tell that they love each other a lot.
Then Scottie Beth Baker has a birthday from the MUMC, and Linnea Cowan celebrates another birthday from the Belmont Community Center Club and all of her grandkids are sending her wishes from all over the United States. They are scattered out everywhere. Then let’s see we have Wendy Lindemann O’Rear and Leigh Ann Soefje, and Joe Goode.
Then I have another rather different announcement. There will be a reunion at the Parish Hall of the Monthalia United Methodist Church on February 21st from around 11am to 2pm. This a reunion consisting of the Stehle, Gandre, and Bahlmann famililies.The person in charge of it is Robert and Louise Teague and their phone number is 580-467-5190, and that is in Oklahoma. I have their email address as [email protected]/net. If that email doesn’t show up correctly call them. They are getting a block of motel rooms so they can explore more genealogy in this area. They are fixing sandwiches and were wanting a head count of how many thought they would be attending. Then asked for the ones coming to bring desserts. I think that Mary Hyman and maybe Jackie and Butch Gandre have talked with them.
The Monthalia Chili Supper will be Friday February 6th, from 5 to 7 PM at the Parish Hall.
The following people need your prayers: Joe Kotwig, Case Martin, Ridge Sedley Martin and family; Linda Denker, Margie Menking, Marie Schauer, Aunt Betty Gandre, Aunt Georgie Gandre, Vida Tindle, Mabel and Ben Richter, Clarence Bahlman, Sandi Gandre, Selma Vickers, Anna Lindemann, Bill Lott, Mary Perriman, Louise Jones, Rosie Garcia, Teresa Wilke, Velma and Bobby Bullard, the Dave Mundy Family, the family of Gail Malatek, and our troops and their families. Also pray for those whose houses are covered with snow, flooding, ice, and places that are literally gone.
Have a good week and God Bless.

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