Sandi’s Country Fried News:Praying for those people buried in the snow

Today has been a great day for staying in a warm home eating some delicious soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Of course all of us cannot have this luxury and some can’t come close to having it anyway. I pray for the people that are buried in snow. I know their houses are built in a different manner. They buy different kinds of clothes. However, I think that even this is getting to be a little too much. Cities are running out of money budgeted for snow clean up. I know one person who is glad to be back in South Dakota. TSgt. Brandon Gandre is glad to be home in South Dakota from Kuwait. We are so happy that you are back in the States Brandon. I know the rest of your family is too.
February 6th, Friday, from 5-7PM is the time for the Chili Supper at the Parish Hall at Monthalia UMC. This is the annual fundraiser for the Lydia Circle. You will not go home hungry. Adult plates are $8.00 and children’s plates are $4.00. You will be getting chili, tamales, beans, slaw, and a dessert. There is a silent auction.
Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is February 14th. You will get in trouble with your sweetie if you forget!!!
This year we are going to have to get our act together early. Ash Wednesday is on February 18th.
There will be a reunion at the Parish Hall of the Monthalia United Methodist Church on February 21st from around 11am to 2pm. This a reunion consisting of the Stehle, Gandre, and Bahlmann famililies. The person in charge of it is Robert and Louise Teague and their phone number is 580-467-5190, and that is in Oklahoma. I have their email address as [email protected]/net . If that email doesn’t show up correctly call them. They are fixing sandwiches and were wanting a head count of how many thought they would be attending. Then asked for the ones coming to bring desserts.
The following people need your prayers: Joe Kotwig, Case Martin, Ridge Sedley Martin and family; Linda Denker, Margie Menking, Marie Schauer, Aunt Betty Gandre, Aunt Georgie Gandre, Vida Tindle, Mabel and Ben Richter, Clarence Bahlman, Sandi Gandre, Selma Vickers, Anna Lindemann, Bill Lott, Mary Perriman, Louise Jones, Rosie Garcia, Bren Pehacek, Teresa Wilke, Velma and Bobby Bullard, the Dave Mundy Family, the family of Gayle Malatek, and our troops and their families. Also pray for those whose houses are covered with snow, flooding, ice, and places that are literally gone.
Ridge Martin is doing reasonably well and trying to get weaned off of his oxygen. They are also asking that you pray for a little girl named Gracelyn who is just now going through the chemo part of the treatment for the same problem that Ridge has. She is having some bad problems. I guess we do not realize how many babies are born with this defective immune system disorder.
Happy Anniversary to Betty and Alan Fink. A little belated maybe as of  February 5th.  Wishing you many more splendid years together.
The dogs all got swatted by Samson. I had one soup bone that they were fighting over. It was too bad that they stepped on big old Samson. That big old kitty got mad and started swatting at them and ran them all off of the bed. Then he stood at the edge of the bed with his ears pinned back glaring at them. I don’t think that they will be disturbing his sleep any more.
Have a good week, and God Bless.

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