Sandi’s Country Fried News: Discover the role Gonzales truly played in the hard-fought battle for the Freedom of Texas

By Sandi Gandre

Bless those people at the San Antonio Livestock Show. They had some bad weather during that time, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. That Grand Champion Steer was a beautiful animal. That poor little girl who was in it for the first year sure did not want to have to sell her steer, named BB. She was kissing it on the face. Michael Wilson took a project from the Leesville FFA and won a Red Ribbon on it.  Congratulations to all of them.
Today is Texas Independence Day. It was when we declared our independence from Mexico. It was a hard fought battle with many lives lost. This battle started at Cost, TX right outside of Gonzales. It continued onward toward San Antonio, and Gonzales was burned. Men, women and children fled the other direction with wagons that were hastily packed. Thus they did not have the food, medicines, blankets, and necessities they needed. The weather turned inclement with rain and cold. People got sick and those on the other side at the Alamo were surrounded by Santa Anna and his many soldiers. I could go on with this story, but go to your computer and look up Texas Independence Day and see what part the city of Gonzales truly played in the freedom of Texas.
And oh we have a new barbeque place to sample brisket, sausage, chicken, ribs, and more with all the trimmings and this is located in downtown Nixon. Now get this, the owners are Shawn and Amy Collins from New York City. They found that David Walbert had listed it for sale on Craigslist and since they were not making much money in downtown New York and were getting tired of the hassles of the big city, they decided to try country life. So they are the New Pioneers over at Pioneer BBQ in downtown Nixon. This story is hard for me to wrap my head around, and if the weather wasn’t so inclement, I’d go to Nixon and check it out.
Now my next question is when is there going to be more than a few shovels of dirt moved in the earth over at the intersection at Belmont. Mr. Dick Goss you have to step on Valero or whoever is holding up the show. I want some of your great BBQ. Then I had to send the husband all the way back to town to get a loaf of bread. Then we were driving on gas fumes the other day. This is getting serious. Everyone is asking me these questions, and I am not in charge of building this facility. I just try to write the news.
We have several people that we need to congratulate. First is Sandi Wells, daughter of Laura Walker, who graduated from the Galen College of Nursing in San Antonio. She had previously graduated from Victoria College Vocational Nursing School and worked as a LVN for a number of years. By using he “bridge” program, she had advanced standing on the road o getting through the registered nurse program. She received an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree and passed her State Board exam. She has been working at Morning side Ministries in San Antonio and for now will probably continue to work in another capacity at the Boerne facility.
Now this is the little one that I never got all of the information on but didn’t mean to slight. That is Harper Laine Fullilove who was born January 2, 2015, weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz. 20 inches long to Amanda and Jess Fullilove. Grandparents are Lu and David Fullilove and Tammy and Dan Crozier. Great Grandparents Gladys and Buster Lindemann.
And we have another addition to the community. Lane Ross Stewart who was born February 16, 2015, weighing 7 lbs 14 oz. Parents are Jennifer and Brady Stewart and is being welcomed by big sister, Emma. Grandparents are Patty and Will Stewart and Roger and T Tomas. Great Grandparents are Bernice Heldarsen, Dorothy Smith, Cleo Tomas, Lillie Lay and Perry Smith
The Belmont Community Center group went on their annual luncheon to Clear Springs. I hope that they all had a great time. I think that I am going to give up on going anywhere because something always knocks me for a loop causing me not to be able to go. I guess our new year starts with our next meeting on March 24th at the Belmont Community Center. It is time to pay dues and get our meetings in order.
Since Easter is coming early this year I will put this in the paper now. These are the times for the Special Easter Services at Monthalia: April 3rd: Good Friday Service, 7PM :   April 5th Sunrise Service 7AM, Breakfast following Sunrise Service; Easter Worship 9AM; Easter Egg Hunt Following Worship Services. The following people need your prayers: Joe Kotwig, Case Martin, Ridge Sedley Martin and family; Linda Denker, Margie Menking, Marie Schauer, Aunt Betty Gandre, Aunt Georgie Gandre, Vida Tindle, Mabel and Ben Richter, Clarence Bahlman, Sandi Gandre, Selma Vickers, Anna Lindemann, Bill Lott, Mary Perriman, Louise Jones, Mr.Boyd, Bobby Steen,  Rosie Garcia, Johanna Scott, Teresa Wilke, Velma and Bobby Bullard,and our troops and their families.
Some friends out of the kindness of their hearts are building a ramp for Mr. Boyd so that he can maneuver in and out of the house easier.
We have discovered that we have a huge yellow cat as an outside visitor. I wish that it would come closer so that we could see it better. Will at first thought that it was a dog, so it is a very large cat. Skooter thought he should try to chase this animal but I told him he was “biting off more than he could chew”.
Have a good week, and God Bless.