The Email Services That Doesn’t Scan Emails For Ads? Know About These Here!

Do you use an email service? It is pretty obvious that in today’s world having an email ID is the most necessary things for your identity. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that having good email services exactly what you need to do.

But did you know that the email services often scan your emails for the various kind of advertisements that show up?

Most importantly the email services actually earn money through this advertisement only. They have to really understand that what are your choices and what are your needs when it comes to the various consumables that you consume.

email services

And for the same, they have to scan your personal emails to understand that what your choices actually are!

This is the only way they will understand that what advertisements to portray on your screen in the first place!

Most of the people actually can take it as a benefit because they think that this is the exact way they can come to know about the various products launched in the market and that these will absolutely help them in the first place!

Where’s The Catch In Email Services?

Unfortunately for people, they must understand that though it might sound really interesting yet there is a catch in this entire procedure. Of course one of the worst possible things that can happen to people is that their personal emails will get scanned.

It is definitely one reason why people must, in fact, get through with the best email services who do not scan the emails for the advertisements.

List of Best Email Services

Following is the list of the best email services that absolutely avoid scanning your emails for the advertisements:

  • Gmail

The Google email service provider absolutely does not scan your personal emails to understanding the type of advertisements that they need to portray on your screen.

gmail services

In fact, it used to in the initial days. But since a year back it has already stopped with the same.


The Microsoft is definitely one of the most favored email service providers just after the Google email service provider.

microsoft outlook email services

This is exactly why they make sure that did not lose out on their clientele for sure. They absolutely refrain from scanning your emails at all.

  • Protonmail

This comes from the country of Switzerland. It helps you maintain your privacy like no other email service can actually do. It also offers you services encrypted as well as self-destructing emails.


Unfortunately for you, it will only provide with just 500 MB of storage. This is for the non-paying users of course. To get through with 5 GB of storage the people may have to shell out €48 per year. Or they can even pay to €288 for 20 GB per year.

  • Zoho Mail

The business users generally preferred the usage of the Zoho Mail. Of course, people must understand that this is one of the most helpful email service providers that you can come across with.

zoho mail

It helps you with the free storage of 5 GB amount of space. You can also pay €24 per year for at least 30 Gb of storage.

There are various other email service providers but these are the best that you can come across with.

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