Intel To Allow Antivirus Software To Use Its Integrated GPUs To Accelerate Malware Scanning

The literal meaning of GPU is Graphics Processing Unit. A logic unit with specialized functions like display. GPU is responsible for animation, images and videos on the computer screen. Intel tied up with Microsoft to increase the accelerated memory in Windows.

3D graphics are possible on the display screen due to GPU. This can enhance the overall performance of the computer. While buying computer or laptop, the most difficult part is to choose the graphics card.


Integrated GPU refers to the system which does not use its own RAM. But it uses the memory of others. A computer with 4 GB RAM can use the memory within 1 -5%.It is cheaper to use the integrated memory.

So, computers will be affordable with the integrated GPU. It produces less heat rather than the dedicated video card. The consumption of the integrated card is abnormally less than the dedicated card.

Incorporation Of Security Features By Intel

Intel has become special cautious with the security issue. They intended to incorporate antivirus software to be used by the integrated GPU. The platform is the best choice regarding the security measures.


Intel intended to incorporate the security feature by boosting up the Intel hardware platform. It announced to add two features to the hardware. One is advanced memory scanning and another one is to incorporate file-based antivirus software.

Incorporation Of Accelerated Memory Scanning

Intel planned to implement a better method of security measures or new techniques for virus scanning. It can arrest the threats in a better way in windows PC.

The utilization of CPU will drop from 20 % to 2% by offloading the work from integrated Graphics. After taking the partner of Windows-Intel incorporated accelerated memory scanning in Windows.

Intel safety

This platform adopted the advanced method for scanning of threats in computers. They took the platform of telemetry for better detection. It made the knot with Cisco to achieve better security and Cisco offered data security along with cloud protection.

The tie-ups revealed better security towards the customers. Advanced Threat Protection or ATP will link memory scanning on the base of GPU.

Consequences Of Intel Security Features

These add exciting features like trusted encryption, trusted execution with secure booking. With trusted protection features customers will be built.

The company added the security feature in the hardware and in this way, they are branding new technology in the existing technology. In this way, it allowed incorporating antivirus software to integrated CPU.

Intel GPU

It planned to keep all the security measures under one umbrella. A common hardware with security features will represent the security essentials. So, the same hardware will provide the excellent features for security to build the happy clients.

Intel upgraded the technology with the hardware to be free from the security threats. They have made the tie-ups with few companies to provide the technology with security measures under one umbrella.

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