Amazon’s Gift To India: New Lite Web Browser

With a drastic growth in digital movement and internet usage in India, use of smartphones and Android applications has got the zenith in popularity. With this flow, Amazon has introduced their Android-based Lite Web Browser in the Indian market.

Lite Web Browser

The Lite Web Browser targets emerging market and strong potential customer base. It’s a best way to engage more and more customers.

Moreover, you can increase the business leads and sales. Amazon creates it successfully.

Features In New Lite Web Browser

Amazon introduced this on March 2018 in play store and this is exclusively available for users in India. The noticeable features for this android application are as follows:

  • This Lite Web Browser app is supported by smart phone devices running android OS with version 5.0 or higher.
  • Being Lite this web browser is lighter in size. It has less than 2 MB of downloadable file size. As compared to the other contemporary web browsers like Google Chrome (21MB), Firefox (20 MB) Opera (15 MB) it is quite smaller in size.
  • This new Lite Web Browser can function in the situation where access to high-speed data connectivity is more limited. This has been a great advantage for internet users living in remote areas or with poor internet connectivity.

Lite Browser

  • This does not seek extra permission or collecting extra data from smartphone devices to maintain user’s privacy.
  • It is expected to consume fewer user data as well allowing for ample storage space on phones. Users can install other apps like music players, videos and music as well, as space bindings won’t be there for this app.
  • It offers private browsing claiming not to store user information from such activity. So the user can browse without savings visit records to the history. In addition other features like tab previews, automatic full-screen mode have been incorporated as well.
  • Amazon’s browser also provides the facility for getting feed for news, cricket and other stories from entertainment ground right from top sources.

Where’s The Catch?

With this launch of the Lite Web Browser by Amazon, it raises many questions on its own.

For instance,

The surprising fact is that what purpose this will solve as there are already several popular lite web browsers like UC Browser available in Indian market.

Amazon Lite Browser

According to market expert, not only being light in size, this web browser fits properly and functions perfectly with limited network access.

So in many Indian cities and rural areas, this browser can work with ease.

Moreover, in recent year India has become one of the largest markets for smart phone and data usage. This has been a wise and deep thought driven approach taken by Amazon in order to gain more customer attraction to form a powerful user base.


Amazon has started investing a lot in the Indian market in order to compete with its competitors. As a part of this approach introduction of this browser is one of the steps.

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