Do You Know That Your Routers Can Help Cyber Criminals Hide Their Tracks?

The mushrooming rate of online crime has stunned everybody. In comparison to conventional crime rates, online crimes comprise of high rewards along with reduced risks. Most of the online crimes creep its way through our routers.

Bureau of Investigation

As per the Bureau of Investigation, reacting to criminal activities will not stop it. In order to prevent online fraud, it is high time for businesses as well as customers to understand the operation of online crimes.

Common Internet Frauds That You Come Across

Early in the morning, you will come across various types of news stuffs. Among them, internet fraud has to be in the list.

Some of the most common internet frauds that we come across often include:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Phishing

Nowadays, if you are not alert, there are higher chances to fall prey to some intruding activities. People receive phone calls to supply their credit card number along with secret codes and other bank details.

cyber security

Once received, you will get shocking news of bank fraud.  Everybody wonders how such activities take place.

How Can Routers Help Criminals Hide their Tracks?

The answer is through routers! Routers help cyber criminals to a high extent to hide their tracks and carry on with their activities.

Each and every internet user is assigned a unique identifier by the respective internet service provider. It is the I.P. address that is very much helpful in terms of tracing the user as well as his location.


At the time of conducting any fraudulent activity, cybercriminals will never ever expose their true location. Offenders also utilize proxy servers for the purpose of committing fraudulent activities.

Routing a connection through proxy servers will help to conceal the I.P. address of the offender.

What Internet Frauds Demand in General?

It is possible to trace route in some cases whereas not at all in others. Software including TOR will encrypt the connection between route connections and specific nodes, thus making identification duly challenging.

Generally, internet frauds demand a highly reliable connection along with a greater bandwidth than a normal proxy server.

routers safety

Victims need to exercise in a tactful manner to counter phishing attempts. Financial service providers hardly request their valuable customers to supply sensitive details.

If asked, customers must not think twice before refusing. Refusing will prevent unnecessary leakage of sensitive information into the black market.

Verification of I.P. Addresses – Fall within Region of Cardholder

Staying at bay from credit card frauds is too simple. There are times when billing and shipping addresses do not match. In such awkward situations, businesses verify details with the cardholder prior moving further.

Verification of I.P. addresses falls within the region of the cardholder. It must be a part of the business. The requirement of signature will enhance safety.

IP Address

Hence it can be easily made out that online crime has really become a massive business. Tracking details of criminals is not at all a cup of tea. Routers of the public are helping them to hide their tracks.

You must not supply any of your confidential details to anybody as businesses do not ask for details through electronic mail or phone. Also, changing passwords frequently will reduce such chances of crimes to a high extent.

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