SQL Data Recovery Software For Fixing Database Issues

SQL is widely used to manage vast data, especially in companies and organizations. Through the SQL server, you can store, search and retrieve any data you want. But sometimes for various reasons, you can face some issues in SQL. Things like virus attack, network failure, storage media corruption and abrupt system shutdown can corrupt the MDF file, making data inaccessible, causing different errors along the way. This is where the need for SQL Data Recovery comes in. And that’s why we are here with the top 5 SQL Recovery Software for fixing any database corruption.

List of SQL Data Recovery Softwares: –

  1. ApexSQL Recover – This is a powerful SQL Data Recovery software priced at $1,999. This software gives you value for your money. It can recover any MDF file that is lost, truncated, damaged, deleted or dropped. It is also used for retrieving deleted files and data from backup files and SharePoint. Also, you can retrieve any malicious or unplanned changes in DDL or DML and separate a specific SQL Server Operation.
  2. DataNumen – The best part about this recovery software is that it first scans MDF files and all the associated NDF files, retrieves the information and then begins recovery. It minimizes the data loss by retrieving as much data possible. For $499.95, it recovers the tables along with its structure and data. It can also recover scattered columns and deleted records. With DataNumen, you can recover multiple MDF and NDF files together. It can only be used in 2005 and above versions of SQL server.
  3. Diskinternals MSSQL Recovery – At $399.95, this software offers complete recovery of MS SQL database in one package. So, even if you have inaccessible and damaged database files, don’t worry, this software can recover it for you. You can also reconstruct and repair accidentally damaged or deleted data from your recycle bin. You can preview the recovered documents first with this software. It comes with a fully-automatic, semi-automatic or manual operations facility.
  4. Recovery for SQL Server – This software can recover SQL database fast and that too without affecting the original file in no time. Priced at $499, it is very user-friendly and can recover all the database objects like triggers, views, tables, stored procedures etc. you can also recover deleted records through this software in MS SQL Server 2008R2 and below versions.
  5. SysTools – We can assure you of its reliability and that’s why we have put it at the top. It repairs any MDF or NDF file regardless of its size. This recovery software is technically strong and can handle any kind and level of corruption. It provides a free version which is extremely helpful in trial and understanding the abilities and workings of SysTools. At the price of $129, it is a good deal.

SQL Database is very important for any organization. Any corruption in it can cause various troubles. The above-mentioned recovery software provides a cushion to the users during the time of lost, deleted or corrupted data by recovering them efficiently.

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